Pathamawan Sathaporn

CEO GroupM Thailand


President of Media Agency Association of Thailand

What moves the needle from being a brand to being a Superbrand? Is it the difference in the branding efforts, of having market dominance and high customer loyalty ie. branding does this but Superbrands does more? Perhaps so. And in the age where humans continue to be the forefront at building Superbrands, Superbrands can also be built faster, and perhaps even better when technology is at play. Case it point with asking Chat GPT what is a ‘Superbrand’. Here’s what is revealed… The term “Superbrand” is not a formal marketing or branding classification but rather a descriptive term used to denote brands that have risen above their competitors in terms of visibility, customer trust, and market presence. These brands are usually well-established and have successfully created a strong emotional connection with their target audience. Being recognised as a Superbrand can provide a competitive advantage, as it implies a high level of quality and trustworthiness to consumers. However, achieving Superbrand status requires consistent and exceptional branding efforts, product or service quality, and a deep understanding of consumer needs and preferences. I, the human, couldn’t agree more. Congratulations to all the Superbrands, and hope technology comes into play in creating your Superbrands. Pathamawan Sathaporn