Jirapat Kanchanosot

Chief Executive Officer


Chief of Staff & Organization Development

Hakuhodo International Thailand

Marketing Solutions and Marketing Technology Tools
Within the past recent years, the science of marketing has changed drastically; the ways we connect with our consumers have blossomed into different communicative means imaginable. The growth has sprout to answer to the changes in our consumer behaviours, requiring marketers and advertisers to come up with new marketing solutions to bridge the gap seamlessly and satisfactorily. To keep up with the fast-changing dynamism of the consumer, our industry has embraced the development of marketing technology tools to strengthen data collection, analytical skills, leads follow-up to closing sales to elevate customer lifetime value with brands. MarTech has become a vital integral part in the world of marketing and advertising, but what’s more riveting is the fact that MarTech alone will not survive a generation of mercurial and evolving consumers without the knowledge of their developers.
As marketers and advertisers, we must stay ahead of MarTech, it’s key that we know how to use them and not be overwhelmed by their existence. With the cornerstone belief in our ‘Living consumers’ at Hakuhodo Group, utilising human comprehension, real experiences, and analytical skills by our people to capitalise on the use of AI to deliver the right marketing solutions are most quintessential. To maximise this new era of communication, we need to remember not only the new tools that we have in our pockets, but to invest in the people who can make their usage practical for brands, cultivating, decoding, and executing on these data to offer the best possible marketing solutions for brands to excel. Jirapat Kanchanosot