Jirapat Kanchanosot

Chief Operating Officer – Spa-Hakuhodo

Chief of Staff & Organization Development Hakuhodo International Thailand

With the growth of digitalization and online media platforms coupling with the new now-normal lifestyle as the catalyst, the new-world consumer phenomenon has grown extremely challenging for marketers and advertisers. Brands and communicators must equip, embrace and weaponize themselves with the knowledge of ever-changing consumer landscape to stay innovated and inclusive.
First and foremost, for Hakuhodo it’s the word ‘Consumers’. The ‘Consumers’ is the heart of any brands, they are the reason that brands exist, survive and thrive, if the insights are answered that is. Despite the progressive consumer and communication landscapes, one thing is always definite, our ‘Consumers’. With the Hakuhodo cornerstone philosophy, Seikatsusha 生活者, knowing and understanding your consumer holistic insights are mandatory, it’s a steppingstone to delivering the right branding and communication pathway and seamlessly blending into the lives of the consumers. We utilize the Seikatsusha insights to balance in a good mix of traditional marketing tactics and new-world approaches to make sure we resonate with the right target audience with the right touch-points to create the right and desired effects. A Superbrand should stand out as the category leader, to be recognized and acknowledged as superior in the lives of the consumers.
Being a Superbrand to us means being able to solve, evolve with and revolve around the consumer’s life needs through the application of the best of communication approaches, using consumer insights as the fundamental ground. As a Superbrand trying to manhandle this ever-changing consumer universe, always remember the mantra – Consumer, Adapt, Consumer.
In a nutshell, a Superbrand is the sum its consumers, it is chosen, stays relevant, and endures through time and consumer generations.
Jirapat Kanchanosot