Danai Chanchaochai, Ph.D

Chief Advisor

DC Consultant and Marketing Communication Ltd.

A marketing guru once said: The world is driven by emotions. Therefore, consumers the world over are driven by love, passion, and faith powered by the Superbrands. However, the single most important success factor of becoming a Superbrand is through the speed of trust and the sustainability of that trust. Without trust, nothing can happen.

All Superbrands have elevated far beyond the stage of Brand Love to the higher level of Brand Faith. Therefore it is pivotal for all Superbrands to protect this emotional bonding at all costs. When trust is broken, through consumer’s moment of truth which differs from brand promise and expectation, it is most difficult to regain.

Trust is the very soul of a Superbrand. And above all, Superbrand does not only excel in its business category, but will always strive to inspire others and make the whole world a better place to live.

That is the true beauty and the power of a Superbrand!
Danai Chanchaochai