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Chief Executive Officer
Western Décor Corporation PCL

Mr. Bundit graduated with BBA from Assumption University and MBA from Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island, USA.

Mr. Bundit has studied in many countries like Singapore, Australia, Thailand, USA, and China. Before joining WDC, Mr. Bundit worked for 3 years for Metro Systems Corporation PCL (MSC) as of Sales and Marketing. After joining WDC as the Head of Global Sourcing, Mr. Bundit’s work involved working and traveling to many countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, India, Spain, Italy and Germany.

In 2014, Mr. Bundit was officially appointed by the board of directors as CEO of the company.

In 2018, Mr. Bundit’s vision helped the company to create a new business model and has a strong determination to expand the brand and business across ASEAN.

After 8 solid years of hard work and leading the company with brilliant vision, the company stepped ahead and became one of the most successful wall and floor decorative material companies in the industry with growth potential in the future as the pioneer in innovative floor and wall decorative material.

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